Curtains in Jaipur

You are here for looking stylish, homely curtains in Jaipur. This article will cover different curtains styles, designs, fabrics available in Jaipur. We will also guide you about how to choose curtains for your lovely home sweet home.
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The traditional vintage city, jaipur, have a stylish essence everywhere in artifacts, palace, old heritage and of course in people houses. One will find a bold and traditional style interior here. But nowadays, tradition mess up with trendy stylish is rocking everywhere. custom wallpaper design, window blinds, carpets designs have a clear seen of this mixture.


We use curtains to block or obscure light entering in-house. But curtains are more than just a piece of cloth to solve a purpose. It is one of the parts of our home decor. Curtains pull everyone's attractions and sprinkle huge emotions in air. So your interior demand stylish, elegant, enticing curtains. If you are very more choosy about your interiors then you can choose between curtains and drapery  

choose curtain or drapery in jaipur

Windows are eyes to any room and curtains are the sunnies that jazz up the room. Curtains can instantly transform a plan room into elegant space. It gives a makeover to space.

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If you have decided to buy curtains for you then Before going out to buy new curtains, consider the following pointers: 

Functionality of curtains

The primary functioning of curtains is to keep the space warmth, have privacy and to keep the light out of the space. Don't compromise on functionality. Heavy curtains are perfect for privacy and keeping the room warm and cozy. While normal curtains make an airy, bright space.

We have a long and warm summer here in jaipur so choosing heavy curtains can be wrong if you are not well air conditioned.


Curtains Size

Length and height do matter a lot. It completely changes the appealing looks of the entire room. Just have a look


Have you seen the difference long sized curtains makes are space look longer while short curtains make it shorter. So decide which will suit your interior.

Curtains Color Magic!

Your color choice will create a huge difference in your interior. Color offset with your furniture will pop out your furniture while contrast color of walls will make walls looks catchy. So the decision is yours.


Curtains  Thickness

Light fabric curtains can hold light and temperature minimally so they are perfect for high-temperature cities like Jaipur. Heavy curtains are ideal for low-temperature areas to hold heat inside out.


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